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Gnana and Bhakthi are the two great paths to reach God. People in earth are struggling to lead their day to day life. Lots & Lots of worries fills their minds which is a big hurdle to their Bhakthi towards the Lord. Happiness and sorrow plays in one's life like day and night. Everyone feels happy and proud when flying events happen and in deep sorrow when they are facing the other side.

Sufferings are of many kinds like Bad health, Disparity, Adversity problems in family life, financial difficulties and what not? Due to these entire worries one doesn't have peace in one's life. How to get rid of these difficulties? Is it there any way? Yes. There is an easy way to attain peace. That's possible by doing Aradana to Devi. Mother is above all. She is Shakthi, Shanthi, Karuna Murthy, Annapurani. She is Sri Yohamaya Bhuvaneswari.

"Navarathri" Ten days and nine nights is being celebrated at Sri Bharadwaj Ashram every year with full of devotion and Bhakthi. Poojas, Homas, Tharpanas, Suvasini Poojas, Kumari Poojas, Abhisehkas, Aradhanans, Laksharchanas, Chandi Homa and Annadhana are the daily events in all these days Sri Vidya Upasakas and other Pandits perform all these Poojas with high devotion to Sri Bhuvaneswari. This is very rare opportunity to all of us to have the grace of the Goddess. By participating in the Devi Pooja during Navarathri, peace is assured in once life. 'yam yam chinthyathe kamam, tham tham prapnothi nichayeth' says the Saptha Sathi Sloka. Sri Bhuvaneswari fulfills all of Her Devotee’s wishes who prays her with Bhakti and participates in the Devi pooja, at our Ashram, Ambattur which is very well renowned. Devotees are requested to utilize this valuable opportunity to attain everything they need in their life.

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