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Srimath Bharadwaj swamigal took over the charge after Guruji who is also his father. Sri swamiji has written more than 100 books which contains manthras and ultimate truth of Matha which is useful to reach the lotus feet of Matha easily. And Sri swamiji’s books playing an important role in guiding devotees for poojas. He also on his credit completed more than 250 kumbabhishekas and 1 crore times of Bala manthra and attained sidhi.

He is a Naishtika Bramachari who is versatile in doing various types of Poojas, which no one has performed ever before.

Swamiji from his childhood has being serving Guruji in all activities as a sishya and also as a son. Through his poojas and homas, he had solved many problems of his devotees who finally became successors in their day to day life.

At the age of 20 during graduation, His Holiness got Dheeksha from His Holiness’s Guru and Father, His Holiness Paramahamsa Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal. His Holiness from that tender age has begun to serve people and His Holiness is the Trustee of “Sri Bhuvaneswari Manthram Charitable Trust”

His Holiness Paramahamsa Srimath Bharadwaj Swamigal of Sri Bharadwaj Ashram is an exponent in authoring books. All the books authored by His Holiness give great truth, doctrines, and meanings about life. People who read these will realize so many aspects of life. Books focuses mainly on Students welfare, People’s well-being, Eradicating bad addictions, Devotion towards God and so many other fields. In this context, His Holiness has completed authoring of 100 books.

His Holiness has also dedicated his life being unmarried towards God, Poor, Needy and for the world. In Sri Bharadwaj Ashram (a charitable trust since 1990), Annadhana (Poor feeding) is taking place since the beginning of the Ashram. Annadhana is done irrespective of Caste, Creed, and Color. Several thousands of people have been fed in the Ashram.

His Holiness has cured several problems of the people all over the world through Homas and Poojas following a lineage of Gurus. Irrespective of Caste, Creed, Color, Religion and Race, His Holiness has solved the problems form the death clutches of the people. Each day we get calls from public stating that their problems they face has been solved.

Free eye donation camp was organized by His Holiness several times at the Ashram. So many people were highly benefited by this program. Apart from this, His Holiness frequently visits Schools and other educational institutions and shares and gives good advice to the growing students because His Holiness strongly believes that youngsters are the pillars of our country. His Holiness has also rescued many young-adults and adults from severe addiction from drugs, smoking, liquoring and other toxic substances through effective counseling. Many are benefited and felt happy for rescuing their children from the evil effects.

His Holiness right from his childhood has love for the Cows (Go Matha). Ashram has a well-maintained, clean, healthy atmosphere for Cows (Go Sala). Continuous working of fans and lights for the Cows is the highlights. Regular vaccination and medical care is also being provided for the Cows. Animal welfare is also one of the main objectives of His Holiness, which adds to his credit.

Apart from the above, His Holiness helps Physically and Mentally challenged people and helps in getting their crutches, walkers etc. His Holiness does it with a motive that everyone must be happy and His Holiness treats everyone equally with love and affection. His Holiness’s speech has changed and diverted so many thousands of people towards good. Everyone will realize him or herself and act towards peace and happiness. His Holiness regularly preaches several good principles of the life to the people. Love, Affection, Care, World peace are some of the elements, which are included in His Holiness’s speech.

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