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Pournami (Full moon day) is the very special day to worship Devi. Special Poojas and yagnas are performed on every pournima day. Abhishekas are performed to the deity with sixty four (64) different articles collected from special herbs (Moolikas).

The very sight of this abhisheka enriches the minds of the devotees with great joy and Bhakthi. During the night of the full moon day, poojas performed with the reflection of the moon brought in the mirror with the deity, make us to understand the need of Bhakthi.

On every Ashtami day, (which falls twice a month) Sapthasathi Parayana and special homas are performed for the sake of universal peace. Laksharchana is (1 Lakh namas in praise of Devi) being performed using several kinds of flowers and the delightful decoration brings our senses to total dedication and concentration. The Mahaprasad is served to all the devotees

Special cultural programmes like music bhajans & dance in praise of almighty Bhuvaneswari are performed during Navrathri. Suvasini Pooja & Kumari pooja are the daily rituals during this Navrathri festival .Thousands of devotees are fed on all these days. It is to be experienced to believe.


Gnana and Bhakthi are the two great paths to reach God. People in earth are struggling to lead their day to day life. Lots & Lots of worries fills their minds which is a big hurdle to their Bhakthi towards the Lord. Happiness and sorrow plays in one's life like day and night. Everyone feels happy and proud when flying events happen and in deep sorrow when they are facing the other side.

Sufferings are of many kinds like Bad health, Disparity, Adversity problems in family life, financial difficulties and what not? Due to these entire worries one doesn't have peace in one's life. How to get rid of these difficulties? Is it there any way? Yes. There is an easy way to attain peace. That's possible by doing Aradana to Devi. Mother is above all. She is Shakthi, Shanthi, Karuna Murthy, Annapurani. She is Sri Yohamaya Bhuvaneswari.

"Navarathri" Ten days and nine nights is being celebrated at Sri Bharadwaj Ashram every year with full of devotion and Bhakthi. Poojas, Homas, Tharpanas, Suvasini Poojas, Kumari Poojas, Abhisehkas, Aradhanans, Laksharchanas, Chandi Homa and Annadhana are the daily events in all these days Sri Vidya Upasakas and other Pandits perform all these Poojas with high devotion to Sri Bhuvaneswari. This is very rare opportunity to all of us to have the grace of the Goddess. By participating in the Devi Pooja during Navarathri, peace is assured in once life. 'yam yam chinthyathe kamam, tham tham prapnothi nichayeth' says the Saptha Sathi Sloka. Sri Bhuvaneswari fulfills all of Her Devotee’s wishes who prays her with Bhakti and participates in the Devi pooja, at our Ashram, Ambattur which is very well renowned. Devotees are requested to utilize this valuable opportunity to attain everything they need in their life.


Cow is the most sacred animal amongst the living beings in this world and its milk is pure and used for bathing all divinities in their 'Abhisheka.

Our ancestors praised and worshipped her as 'Ghomatha' (Cow-Goddess) Sri Matha Bhuvaneswari and Ghomatha Kamadhenu are one and the same Srimath Paramahamsa Bhuvaneswari Swamiji knowing fully the efficacy of the Cow Worship, worshipped the same along with Sri Jaganmatha, every day.

Paramahamsa Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal chanted Sri Gayatri Mantra for more than a crore times and got Sidhi who bestowed his grace on the mankind of compassion. 'Pasuparipalana' (Protection of Cows) as one of his Chief goals Swamiji established a 'Goshala' for preserving and protecting the cows at Sri Yoga Maya Bhuvaneswari Peetam Sri Bhavandwaj Ashram at Chennai, Ambattur - Gangai Nagar along with the installation and consecration of Sri Bhuvaneswari Devi.

'Annadhana' (feeding devotees) is another sacred service as well as 'Pasuparipalana'.

By performing, Anandhana one will get the same effects of doing Japa, Yoga, Pooja and also blessings of forefathers even Sri Bhuvaneswari is called Annadha

At present life, due to lack of time, negligence or procrastination, we neglect to perform our Karmas (Duty) especially - the rituals in memory of our departed elders and forefathers.

This 'Pithru Dhosha' can be wiped off by performing Annadhana. To facilitate this Annadhana service, Sri Bhuvaneswari Swamiji has installed a Charitable Trust at 'Sri Bharadwaj Ashram'.

Following the footsteps of his father Sri Bhuvaneswari Swamiji, the present Acharya Paramahamsa Sri Bharadwaj Swamiji maintains this upright Annadhana Scheme for the welfare of the universe which is both a worship for Sri Jaganmatha Bhuvaneswari and also 'Ghomatha' 'Annadhana' can be done marking the anniversary or demise day of their departed elders. The devotees can utilize this service for their birthday, wedding day and other auspicious days.

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