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“Bharata Desa” can boast of many illustrious sons especially in this spiritual field.

“Endharo Mahanu Bhavalu” says Saint Thiagaraja. This Guru Parambara starts from the God Himself in the form of Sri Dhakshinmoorthy and then descends to Sri Adhi Shankara and flows like a stream.. In this bright galaxy, Shines our Guru Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal and occupies a predominant place. Sri Guruji, as he is affectionately called, founder of Sri Bharadwaj Ashram and Sri Bhuvaneswari Peetam at Ambattur (Chennai) lives like a legend in the hearts of millions and millions of devotees whom he has initiated in the Spiritual path.

This noble soul was born as an illustrious son of Sri Subramaniam Iyer of Thipanampatti Jameen and Lakshmi Ammal at Tirunelveli District in the year 1923. The young Kasi Viswanathan at the age of 10, was initiated in the spiritual world by none others than the great Siddha Purusha Srimath Mouna Swamigal of Sri Sidheswari Peetam at Coutralam.

After the Siddhi of the Mouna Swamigal, he was instrumental in installation of Sri Vimalanandha Bharathi Swamigal at Sri Sidheswari peetam. Our Swamiji had toured extensively along with Sri Vimalanandha Bharathi Swamigal and has learnt Geetha Bhashya, Meemamsa, Sutra Bhashya, Vedhantha etc. At Kasi he has chanted Gayathri Manthra for several million times and had the Divya Darshan of Sri Gayathri Matha. Yes! The young Kasi Viswanathan has transformed into Sri Bhuvaneswari Swamigal and since then Consoling and guiding the suffering humanity with his bliss.

Sri Swamigal in the later years Migrated to Triplicane Chennai and was extending his activities from there. People from different walks of life transformed to him and were getting mental solace and redressal of their grievances. Swamiji’s devotees around him had treat to their eyes and melted heart by seeing his Poojas, Homas,Abhisheks. The Devi Upasana traditionally kept very secret and was not reachable to ordinary. Our Avyajakarunamoorthy (Swamiji) prescribed Adhyantha Bakthi only as the basic orientation and did Upadesa to many. In this context this author compares him only to Sri Ramanuja, who even at the cost of his getting into hell, loved to spared the narayanamoorthy japa to all. His affection extend above cast, creed and religion. He has performed many Kumbabhishekam, Chandi homas etc and traveled extensively. Though he was in Grahastha Ashram, as he permitted Sri Vidhya mangem, his mind always set towards the lotus feet of Sri Bhuvaneswari.

His Holiness was praised as ‘Manthra Samrat’ as he had Siddhi in Ganapathy Manthra, Bala Manthra, Navakshari Manthra and Shodashi Manthra

Perhaps his greatest contribution is the establishment of Sri Bharadwaj Ashram at Ambattur Chennai. Keeping this as his headquarters, this Manthra Samrat ruled over the Bakthi Samrajiyam over 2 decades. During his last days Swamiji embraced Sanyas Ashram with the Deeksha name of Sri Viswanandha Bharathi Swamigal. In the month of April (2003) Swamiji attained Maha Siddhi. From his Adhistanam in Sri Bharadwaj ashram, he is showering his blessings on all of us eventually.

His Holiness’s Adhisthanam is million times more powerful and proving it as a Karpagavriksha. Swamiji’s Adhisthanam proves a Divine shrine for the devotees with mental solace and showering blessings always.

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