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Ashrama means the four orders or stages of life namely Brahmacharya, Grahastya, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa. It also means a hermitage or a place where a yogi stays. Sri Bharadwaj Ashram was established in the year 1990 by Paramahamsa Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal of Yohamaya Bhuvaneswari Peetam. The Ashram , having Devi Bhuvaneswari as its main deity is situated in Ambattur, 20kms away from the heart of the chennai city.

A 27 ft. Mahavishnu statue is situated at the entrance. A big Gosala is also well maintained having 30 cows at the back side of the ashram. In the sanathana hindu dharma, cow, the gomatha is worshipped as the DEVI HERSELF. She has all the three Lokhas, Devas, all the vedha Rishies in her. When we worship HER we get the divine grace of all the Devas.

Inside the main hall of the ashram, the steps with "Hara Hara Shiva Shiva" namas lead us to reach the Kailas Mantap where a rare spatika linga brought from Nepal having Swarna Rekha in it, has been installed. Special poojas are performed during Shivrathri for this Lord named as Amrita Jyothi Lingeshwarar. Rare sculptures and pictures of Prathyankara Devi decorates the main pooja Hall , in which the Manidweepa Mantap having a Srichakra peetam with 700 Moolamanthrams of Devi Bhagavatham are enshrined. It also has special yanthras in it, on which the main deity Devi Bhuvaneswari made of panchaloha and the Swarna mukha has been installed and worshipped. Mahameru is also installed and special aradhanas are performed on auspicious occasions.

Paramahamsa Srimath Bhuvaneswari swamigal, who is the founder of Sri Bharadwaj Ashram in the year 1990. He had constructed this Ashram after ordered by Matha Bhuvaneswari in his dream. Being 8 acres of land, one third of the part is devoted to Temple and rest of the land is full of greeneries. Deity Bhuvaneswari matha is occupied here with choicest blessings to her devotees.

A 27 feet Maha vishnu is placed In front of the Ashram, which gives spiritual appearance for those who enters into a cluster of problems. Goddess Sri Durga devi having 18 feet of height was installed in the year 2001 by His holiness srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal and Srimath Bharadwaj Swamigal which is the highlight of the Ashram. Also, Gosala (around 50 cows) is the main feature of this Ashram. Around 300 devotees can be provided with Prasadam of Matha Bhuvaneswari in the name of Annadhana. This Ashram is attractively planned and constructed by Guruji to serve and save people.

For Lord Shiva, precious Spatika Lingam from Nepal is installed opposite side of the Bhuvaneswari devi is another vital god to be worshipped. Another Lord Shiva with Nandhi with waterfalls in the name Kedharnath is an important feature of Ashram.

After attainment of Mukthi by Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal in the year 2003, Sri Bharathwaj swamigal had constructed Adhishtanam (memorial) for Guruji, repaying the tribute and proving to be the greatest sishya. This Athishtanam serves as a Karpagavriksha for the Devotees

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