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“Bharata Desa” can boost of many illustrious sons especially in this spiritual field. “Endharo Mahanu Bhavalu” says Saint Thiagaraja. This Guru Parambara starts from the God Himself in the form of Sri Dhakshinmoorthy and then descends to Sri Adhi Shankara and flows like a stream.. In this bright galaxy, Shines our Guru Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal and occupies a predominant place. Sri Guruji, as he is affectionately called, founder of Sri Bharadwaj Ashram and Sri Bhuvaneswari Peetam at Ambattur (Chennai) lives like a legend in the hearts of millions and millions of devotees whom he has initiated in the Spiritual path.
“This Site is Dedicated to the Lotus Feet of Srimath Bhuvaneswari Swamigal”
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